Vegan Recipes and Foods

Eating a diet of 70% vegan foods can reduce high blood pressure, help with weight loss, make it easier to get fiber and antioxidants, prevent heart disease, and things like that.

If you want to get more vegan foods in your diet, it's better to start with simple things. Remembering that vegan food has a tendency of being too carb-heavy, light on protein, iron, and calcium, here's a list of ideas to help you avoid shriveling up and dyin'. If you can get away with eating something vegan for one meal a day for a long time, then try adding more vegan things into your diet. Slow steps. Don't go 100% vegan unless you're sure you can handle that.* Most vegan websites online claim that everything they make is "delicious" because their food is vegan. Beware the siren lure of these things' recipes. They can cost a ton, take days to make, and still taste bad. Your best bet is searching for accidentally vegan recipes on cooking websites you trust, such as The Pioneer Woman, Instructables, or The Woks of Life. You can also often find vegan recipes in Indian cuisine.

*I tried once and turned out to have a genetic B12 deficiency problem (YES, I WAS TAKING LOTS OF B12 SUPPLEMENTS, YES, IT STILL WASN'T ENOUGH). Wasn't pretty.

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