Stress relief

Keeping stress levels down is critical for health and for sanity. Here are some relaxation techniques that may help. Make time for the ones you like, every single day!

Good ideas

Little rituals

Miscellaneous Practices

Bathtime/Shower Time

Some things that can make it more special:

Essential oils or fragrances that help with relaxation:

Burning incense may also help with relaxation, but this must not be done more than once a week or it can harm your lungs.

Tea Time

Cultures the world over take a break to grab some tea. The rituals vary, but the intent is usually the same - to achieve a moment of peace and quiet for self-care or socialization. Here are some herbs that are specific for reducing stress when brewed into tea. They work differently on different people so experiment to determine what works best for you:

Insomnia-relieving stuff


Stress-Relieving Foods

There are foods that help with stress relief. According to my research, these are also often herbs that promote longevity. They are:

Relaxing Music Albums

If you find that you enjoy this music, please support the artists by buying the album if you can. Recently, I discovered that Spotify isn't all that bad for streaming music. Youtube now has a music streaming service as well.