Coronavirus safety

If you do not wear a mask when you go outside, go to hell. If you refuse the vaxx, go to hell. If you do not social distance, go to hell. I just spent seven years fighting Lyme disease, in and out of emergency rooms and in constant amounts of pain, bedbound because exercise caused relapses, and spent a couple years when the pain was so bad I went nuts; a literal hell on Earth, only to have every doctor I saw tell me that I was perfectly healthy. It wasn't so long ago that I woke up, cried, ate one meal a day, showered once every two weeks, had to get carried to the bathroom, and considered suicide every night. I know what being gaslighted by the medical industry is and this is not it and I am not fucking amused.* Neither is most of the chronic illness community. Which nowadays also contains people with long covid. You can deal with a mask on your face. But if you can't, I hear that coronavirus sometimes surprisingly often goes chronic and has similar symptoms to chronic Lyme so enjoy, I guess. You're upset about cancel culture? I was canceled by the entire medical industry and almost died. You're sad about your freedoms? You do not have the right to murder a child with a deadly virus - children can't be vaxxed yet. Go fuck yourself.



*Why would I trust the medical establishment after this? Because a. I am friends with a doctor who works in a hospital, and this doctor saved my life repeatedly, and b. every time I wound up in the ER I came out alive and unscathed because of the incredible amount of care and effort put into the work by those who worked there, and c. the gaslighting I endure as a result of Lyme disease is a result of insurance company and government collusion, see here: Hydra Protocol finally d. to be perfectly honest I don't trust regular doctors much because they tend to suck, but ER doctors go through hell on a daily basis and keep coming back, do their jobs professionally and work miracles... and they are the ones saying to beware of the coronavirus, so I listen