A long time ago someone once said "Give me freedom or give me death." In that spirit here are several rights that logically follow from such a premise. They apply to all who have not been convicted of serious crimes (such as terrorism, human trafficking, rape, etc.)

The right to freedom of action as long as it does not violate the rights of others

The right to life, which logically includes clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, access to a bathroom, the right to sleep anywhere, the right to exist anywhere in any condition, the right to travel through public or common areas

The right to exist, no matter how much of a minority you are - gay, straight, black, white, Pastafarian, Catholic, just plain weird, you're always a minority somewhere

The right to freedom of religion

The right to freedom from abuse or mistreatment

The right to suicide

The right to reproductive choice, specifically the right to use contraceptives and say 'no' to reproducing, and the right to be fully educated about how humans reproduce. Abortion is another debate which I will not get into here.

The right to choose a consenting, adult human mate or mates

The right to freedom of expression, including speech, dress, mannerisms, appearance, and so on

The right to access to information as long as such information does not interfere with the rights of others (i.e. how to make bombs, the general public does not need to know that)

The right to freedom of movement in the country

The right to live wherever you want, in whatever manner you want, without interfering with the rights of others

The right to privacy

Not Rights

The 'right' to discriminate against people who make you uncomfortable

The 'right' to abuse anyone for any reason whatsoever

The 'right' to destroy the environment

The 'right' to censor in the interest of creating a safe space

The 'right' to comfort

The 'right' to not be offended

The 'right' to be safe

The 'right' to free lunches or unearned benefits

The 'right' to preferential treatment

The 'right' to treat any human being, no matter how young or legally disempowered, like property

The 'right' to harm someone else in the name of exercising so-called rights

The 'right' to force others, who aren't criminals, to behave in a certain way