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These are unprecedented times with a lot of death. I wouldn't have mentioned anything because I don't like getting religious but it took me ten years to learn this as a good Witch: good people who have died really are in a better place. You don't have to believe me but you can easily pray to the Divine for your messages to reach them, and you can ask the Archangel Azrael (the Angel of Death Sacred Scribes article providing introduction; he's actually quite nice) any questions. Open your mouth, pray, and ask. Visit their graves, pour liquor for them, tell them you love them. I wish I could prove to you that they still exist but I can't. I can, however, point you to asking the Universe for some evidence of that and I know from experience it often works. If you are overwhelmed with grief never hesitate to ask the Angels, out loud, for help. It never fails. And if you would rather not do any of this (which is okay) then remember to be gentle with yourself and double up on self-care... and lots, and lots, and lots of chocolate. It helps with grief.

***TW: suicide*** Hey, if you are contemplating ending your own life, don't do it! I don't know what got you to this point but despite how it may seem if you play your cards right this bullshit will not last forever, and you do have more than one way out. Here's one way how (there are others but I don't know them). 1. Ask the angels and/or your guardian angel for help out loud. (everyone has one) While you're at it, if you have allies, call a friend and a family member and ask them for help. 2. Know that now safety and peer pressure and societal bullshit doesn't even matter anymore, you can do whatever the hell you want. Make a list of life goals that are completely unrealistic which, if they'd happen, would make you living now worth it. Years ago I made a list of 13 of them. One happened. It was meeting and being with the love of my life. Two others are halfway there. Whatever crazy dream you come up with, IT IS POSSIBLE. 3. Find some kind of pleasure that never fails to remind you why life isn't all bad. For instance, candy. Or music, or your favorite movie. Load up on these and be a glutton for whatever you can get. Who cares about risk right now? 4. If you have even a tiny inkling that maybe life isn't all shit: Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight. Chances are you didn't get to this point over nothing and therefore clearing out the bullshit is necessary, but it is possible, and you can do it. Fight as hard as you can, and if it isn't quite working, adapt the strategy to be more effective, then keep adapting and fighting until whatever wall you're hitting starts to crumble. Internal demons are beatable. External circumstances are beatable. You just need the right information, lots of planning, stubborness, flexibility, and a little luck. Hence, asking the Angels for help. Anything is possible with the right information. I'm serious. (One reason why libraries are so dope). Think about this - even if you don't succeed in your fight to improve your life's conditions at least you won't have let yourself down. And that's a fight more worth fighting than all the others; to not let yourself down. Also chew on this: it's said we can only do the best we can with the cards we are given, right? Wrong. You can always do better, you're just often not in possession of the information that can make it happen. Think about all the seemingly unsolvable problems in history that were fixed with simple solutions; things like handwashing before attending to medical patients to save lives. 5. Understand that things worldwide are changing for the better right now. Things have been bad for a while and they only look worse, but that is just the badness coming up to be seen and it is being dealt with for the first time in decades. Give it a few months, and then a few years. It will be better, I promise. 6. Search your memories for moments of pleasure and bliss and write them down. All the ones you can remember. That's your challenge now: integrate those things into your life from now on. Don't deny yourself. 7. Please give yourself a big hug. You are important. Here is a list of mental health hotlines and resources worldwide: Kitten Witch and the Bad Vibes list

I am not a Marine but whenever I'm feeling like my problems are insurmountable I think about this picture. For a little slice of Marine culture (I think? again, I am not a Marine), talk to Marines, and read Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War. You'll be inspired.

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I'm sure you've heard the deal about "if you have a mental health problem, go see a therapist." By all means, do that. But if for whatever reason you can't see one, you might like to try out this stuff too. Also note: be very careful about who you see. I've been to a few too many therapists (actually all of the therapists I saw did exactly this) who literally let me talk for a whole hour, then when I asked them what to do about it, said "see you next week." Scams, scams, scams. That being said if good therapists do exist, and I hear they do, it's worth seeking them out. Honestly, everyone needs to see a therapist regularly and a good one, if they can find them. If not, try using all the stuff on this page. This is because mental health problems can and will cause physical health problems. The Handy Science Book of Answers claims that extreme stress significantly increases the likelihood of adverse physical health effects such as stroke and heart attack in previously healthy people - and that book came out in the 90s. I apologize for not linking the studies now, but I have heard very often in medical textbooks that extreme and long-term stress can and will fuck up your physical health and I've seen it happen to two people I know and myself in very dramatic ways. This stuff is serious enough to warrant being added to all health insurance plans and to a nationwide universal health care plan: we all need serious and continuous preventative and palliative mental health care. Period. Just look at the maniacs swarming our healthcare system right now with covid and ivermectin overdose; are they mentally well? Good Lord no.

Extreme and unmitigated stress for a long period of time can and will screw up your health. Therefore, according to best medical practices, a 60-hour maximum workweek, schedules posted 2 weeks in advance, days off on the same days for the entire duration of employment, 10-hour workday including commute (and more efficient/reliable fast commutes), a 4- or 5-day workweek, a minimum wage that matches inflation and taxes in order to match housing and food prices monthly (that's $15/hr at the dead minimum and even that's extremely low wages; see finance for an explanation as to why taxes whittle that to basically nothing) and time off for all medical necessities such as birth and recovery, father's time off for said birth and recovery, at least 1 month of vacation time, federally mandated bathroom and lunch breaks, and the right to form unions protected at the federal level is necessary for nationwide health. This isn't fucking partisan. It's medically necessary. I worked so many dead-end jobs for employers who treated me like an indentured servant and it nearly killed me. Ask me if I care about your partisan fucking beliefs. Ask ALL millenials if we care about your partisan fucking beliefs.

Tackling problems head-on is at the moment one of the only ways to beat back the assaults on our mental health. Namely, all of the laws and government policies trying to take away our rights and freedoms in the name of their fucking goddamn doublethink. Vote. It will help you at least feel you did your part and that's great for your mental health. Concrete action.

I really hope this helps. These are tough times for many right now.