Black Lives Matter. Native Lives Matter. LGBTQ+ Lives Matter. I mean to say that people who are different have rights too? Why yes. 2021 June is not Pride Month anymore it's gay wrath month, we are angry. I'll just say this: no real Christian would afflict anyone with brutality, pain, judgment, breaking of one of the Commandments, one of the 7 Deadly Sins, or misery in the name of Jesus, and the fact that "Christianity" has become a scourge on the modern world is in no way a reflection of the actual religion, which is supposed to be INFINITE UNCONDITIONAL BROTHERLY LOVE. Love that doesn't hurt people, which is patient and kind... A nonjudgmental, peaceful religion with adherents that turn the other cheek and know the value of patience, mercy, and truth. As depicted in the Old and New Testaments, which by the way I read every word of. You can have whatever religion you want, but the fact you can no longer rule over other people's lives and force them to follow your religion is NOT persecution of yours. Some people just need to grow up. And if you want to be an ally at Pride, then you're an ally. You don't need to do anything special. Just let us LGBTQ+ folks know you care and don't be bigoted, that's it, that's all we need, you'll be welcome at Pride. Anyone demanding special privileges or shaming or blaming our Straight allies needs to get the fuck out. That toxic shit is what we all grew up with and perpetuating it is the essence of hypocrisy.

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Enough Already How to defeat QAnon, Fascism, and evil masquerading as good in the US

Big Brain Time A helpful resource for homeschool, CLEPing out of expensive college courses, and continuing education as an adult - currently under construction. 5/18/21 I have some books on order from the library that I am really excited about, especially some from book series that might cover every topic in K-12 and then some. Fingers crossed, this might work out by the end of summer. And then I'll get to finally learn for real all the crap they tried to teach me in school and be able to tell you these learning resources are for sure legit. However: me actually learning all this stuff should take me a year or two so don't be so sure I know what I'm talking about til then. Hell, even then.

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