How To Take Down QAnon and Fascism Worldwide

This is World War III: us versus coronavirus; everything on this page has to be adopted by most if not all other countries if we want to beat this

MAGA bastards LOL get rekt. No, it's not definite proof, but we'll likely not get it because Russia is excellent at espionage. I suspect they ruined our school system in the first place due to the authoritarian and Communist leanings found therein (their footprint) and had a lot to do with why the Boomers became "ok boomer."

Let me make this clear. People who have a good relationship with the truth live better lives. We are going to see a major divergence in quality of life soon between those who like the truth and those who are living in denial. Some say you can't fix stupid but damn it, I'm trying. A lot of the idiots come from backgrounds where everything was bootstrapped/self-sufficient as a (super inspiring) survival measure but they don't realize you can bootstrap everything except education and exposure to new information. And luck, you can't bootstrap good luck for yourself; sometimes you get sick, lose your job, lose a family member, fail. That's life, and that's what social safety nets, our justice system, certain Socialist policies (like emergency room care despite not being able to pay immediately while you're unconscious) and hygiene regulations are for (i.e. the regulations that prevent us from dumping raw sewage in our backyards like the Victorians did in London). Not even prayers can help you unless those prayers are granted, and that kind of grace from whatever Powers That Be exist can't be bootstrapped! I credit my survival to prayers being granted. Nothing else. I got lucky, and it made me really hyper aware that we are not as powerful as we think we are. For the record, I was a registered Republican until the party lost its mind. Now I am an Independent. I'm pretty conservative and right-leaning as far as actual policies go, so if you don't feel like reading this because I'm a "damn lib" you're fucking stupid, go fuck yourself. Chances are if you're reading this you are a part of the Resistance, or a decent human being. They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, well, that statement has really proved true this year and good intentions are not enough. Still with me? Good. Here's how we win this thing.


Stop enabling bullies and abusers. Essentially, I hope you make this pledge with me: 'I solemnly swear that I will make life as hard as possible for these evil terrorist pieces of shit.' I never want to hear another story like this again. Turning the other cheek is not cutting it; even our justice system is not cutting it; the way forward is to destroy their lives like they destroyed ours or they will just continue where they left off the day they get out of the penitentiary and I for one have seen too many children killed by them (dead children is where I draw the line). People who are willing to put children in harm's way will not reform, are you fucking kidding me? Many Americans (and I presume people in other countries) have been so much like an abused spouse, making endless excuses for their countrymen's despicable behavior, treating them with kid gloves, giving them special privileges, keeping them around because they're "still Americans," etc. They're dropping mask mandates and commonsense safety precautions in a global pandemic to pander to them, which gaslights everyone else. Also, stop enabling their enablers - the 'abused spouses.' Literally everything antimaskers, Qunts, MAGAts, and antivaxxers, *PLUS the businesses and people allowing them to continue their shit* are doing right now has the end result of utterly destroying our freedoms. There is absolutely nothing of "freedom" about what they're demanding and they're actively destroying more and more of our freedoms as the results of their actions. They're the ones killing democracy, supporting the destruction of our infrastructure, spreading a plague, promoting wage slavery by denying people minimum wage and worker's rights, shutting down the country and the economy, and canceling everyone who isn't exactly like them: minorities, Black people, Native American people, LGBTQ+ people, Jews, non-Christians, immigrants, children and youth, and the list just keeps growing. They quite simply confused true freedom, which comes with responsibilities and the equal application of justice to everyone, with "freedom = i can do whatever i want and there will be no consequences and the system will still support me." If that isn't Socialist I don't know what is. Plus there's all this conspiracy theory nonsense (post on r/qanoncasualties about someone's family) which looked funny until it started killing people. If there really is a conspiracy, don't you think it would be to spread the coronavirus as far as possible and kill as many people as possible by convincing people they're heroes if they do? Because that's what's happening and uh, the ends do not justify the means. They never do. Also, Russia seems to have its fingers in this disinformation pie; has since Trump, and since Trump has linked up with QAnon, well, doesn't take much to add it up. What am I saying? We must have a zero tolerance policy in our personal lives, businesses, legal system, bureaucracy, and political system for people who refuse to vaxx up and mask up, for MAGAts, and for QAnon. They are un-American and they do not belong here. I do not know if any Witches or Pagans follow this website, but if you're here and reading this and are hesitant about getting vaccinated, ask the Deities, and know that if you fuck this up and still refuse to do the right thing and get vaxxed a good majority, probably more than 90%, of the Pagan and Wiccan community will exile you. Permanently. Regarding the negative PR about Witchcraft and Paganism: yeah that's slander, here are the misconceptions. Here are the methods for determining the truth Detecting B.S. and for learning science. Here is the forum for us clods that wish to get rid of QAnon and its deadly bullshit r/Qult_Headquarters. Here is the grey rock technique for surviving QAnon adherents with as little emotional harm to you as possible grey rock technique. Here is the support forum for those who are associated with QAnon believers r/Qanoncasualties. And finally, here is the QAnon recovery forum on Reddit, let's hope you don't need it but please spread the word ReQovery

I cannot wait for the world to take the Fascists and Qanons and reenact that scene from Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers with Theoden and Grima. "Your leechcraft would have had me crawling on all fours like a beast!"


Demand that your country's military assist with fighting the coronavirus by providing medical aid wherever it is needed most, and distributing vaccines where they are needed most, in collaboration with the local country's military and healthcare system and your countries' allied armies from foreign countries. Militaries can do that. Sure, governments can do that, but about as fast as molasses in January, whereas militaries aren't hampered as much by bureaucratic red tape plus they have more experience with logistics. Not just that, spread this exact idea in your own country to literally everyone you know: bug the military, demand that they send over troops for humanitarian aid. Unless of course yours is the country in need of aid in which case bug your government to accept help. If you can do nothing else get really loud about demanding this because no one is talking about it. Spread the word!


All you who are being radicalized into far-left everything: fuck you too! Between you and the far right, there will be nothing of our country left by the time you're done "enjoying" your phony outrage in order to follow the crowd. Do not be that way. Do not be that way. Do not be that way. We don't need Communism, we do not need racism masquerading as racial equity, and we certainly don't need people mimicking the Fascist far-right cancel culture by making a far-left version of it. Restricting other people's freedom in order to make yourself more comfortable is the hallmark of the far-right and far-left and I hate you both. There's a little something called thinking for yourself. And here is a very simplified version of why intersectionality can go die in a fire. I am a disabled person. That does not define me as a person. I do not belong to "the disability community," because it does not exist. I do not want to be put on a pedestal as some kind of supposed compensation for my disability. I am not your positivity porn, your opportunity to feel good about righting the wrongs of the world by "pampering the cripple" and seeing only my disability, not caring about anything else. I do not think that playing Oppression Olympics with all the 'marginalized community' labels in order to accumulate more and more compensation from strangers that I "deserve because I suffered so much" is anything other than thinly disguised grifting, dehumanizing to me and to my benefactors. The whole notion is nothing more than legalized theft, and not even for people who are in desperate need. Other unearned superficialities about me which people will give me unearned benefits for, like preferential treatment or whatever, just make me disgusted, whether it be for "hooray you're super white" or "hooray you're poor like me" - they don't care about me, just what's on the surface. I just want to be left the hell alone. These are labels that other people put me under, define me as, like a lettuce being labeled with a grease pencil on a placard in a garden. Those things are not who I am. And I have a feeling I'm not unique in this sentiment; ask other disabled or marginalized folks who don't have princess sickness. Get it? Fuck off.


Help yourself and everyone you know to register to vote. Then research candidates properly (see below) and vote, starting this September/October, and going through to next year. Pick a party, any party. Vote in the primaries (ya can't if you haven't picked a party, which is why you should). Vote in the major elections. Vote for local elections and research the judges and ballot measures especially carefully. Make a plan, and keep track of all of the initiatives trying to make it harder for you to vote by jumping through hoops; jump through them hoops and help everyone you know do the same, such as by giving everyone you know a ride to the ballot box. Double check everything three months, two months, one month, two weeks, and every day the week of the election just in case scumbags try to pull something (I've had my polling place change the day of the election before; stay on top of this shit). Convince everyone you know to do the same. In particular talk to people who just turned 18 and show them the ropes. We have a really low voter turnout rate, and considering all the voter suppression that's going on, that could kill democracy in the US. A high voter turnout rate will give us our freedom back. Talk to people about it now, and don't let up until December 2022. I'm sorry. I know you're probably exhausted, but we'll turn into another China if this doesn't happen (major wins for all Democrats, including the Communist ones, in all areas) or another Russia (Republicans basically anywhere; a very small minority might still be sane). I am seriously hoping Independent and third-party candidates show up who are viable for once. No, Libertarian candidates these days are not viable; they're not even Libertarian anymore, just watered down Fascist. Fuckin' a, people, read Ayn Rand and try to understand it? Please? Oh, and y'all, please try to convert the Bernie Bros and Communists into understanding that pure Socialism is a cesspit, pure Communism doesn't work at all, that Socialism created the Ok Boomer/Karen mentality and that Communism created many Fascist dictatorships due to the power vacuum (plus, it is literally a system where those who are evil profit the most because they pretend they need a lot, while the noble pure-hearted people work themselves to death). Fascists and Commies are both uneducated morons but Commies at least have good intentions and can be persuaded to give up their harmful beliefs. If we convert the Bernie Bros and Communists to Capitalism we get more people on board with democracy, and possibly also save the US, so no pressure. This may help, they sold our country to the highest bidder, vote them out and investigate them all. This too. Corporations who sold us out


What QAnon and these other jerks are probably going to do next is seek power anywhere they can find it, but in a covert way, in such a way you would never know they were into that stuff in the first place. Therefore, long before any of them seek election to local office in small towns or PTAs or school boards or other places people usually don't bother to vote for or research, brand them with a scarlet letter. Doxx them. Make them infamous. Report them to the police if they have committed a crime. Tell everyone you know in your local area about exactly what it is they believe and exactly what they've said in public, where their words are verifiable. And for everyone you aren't 100% sure about, learn everything you can about them until you discover exactly what side they're on with proof - then publicly spread around all the proof you've got. Microsoft's Snipping Tool helps as does screenshots, as well as video, covert audio recordings, and other similar things. Obtain evidence and make it publicly known exactly what they believe and how they feel. They're like the Nazis in that a lot of them will fade into the woodwork once they see the tide has turned, and they'll pretend they were always the good guys: do not let them. They're gonna try a coup from within. Let's abort it.






Here is an email letter I sent to the owner of Penzey's Spices. He'd been getting emails flooding his inbox from Republicans spouting "SOCIALISM!" because he is rather pro-Biden.

Dear Mr. Penzey, I always vote that we cut all Socialist benefits to people who are against them. No cops, no military, no social security, no libraries, no public schooling, no minimum wage or worker's rights, no special privileges for being white, no roads, no on-grid running water, and absolutely zero social support. They can live in their prepper bunkers until the end of time, that is, if they survive. God speed to them. Guess they never realized that extreme capitalism without any socialism or regulation is pretty much the same as feudalism. I hope they enjoy being serfs. Sincerely, TT

= 5/24/21 note: Mr. Penzey has been spouting anti-Israel rhetoric lately because that's the in thing to do now. I don't follow him anymore. For the record, I am pro Israel's existence but anti any civilian deaths Israel causes in its effort to defend itself. Why? I believe life is precious, yada yada, also I have been to Israel and although it's full of loud assholes esp. in Jerusalem (that fucking city, omg), they aren't baby killers and they mostly have basic human decency. Go visit there if you don't believe me. Perhaps not Jerusalem because it sucks. And Netanyahu can suck a dick. As for the actual location, it's smaller than New Jersey and should have been put say, in Canada or someplace like that to begin with, but now that it's there, it's a bad idea to take it out. A power vacuum, in the Middle East, a place full of terrorist cabals and power-hungry dictators and monarchs, where the United States and Israel collaborate to keep them at least somewhat in check right now and expend great effort to do so in no small part because Russia wants a piece of the action... no. Wouldn't end well.

On further reflection, it would also be Socialist to inherit anything. So if you are against Socialism, goodbye trust fund. It's fair. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.






A realistic portrait of who these morons love to support, source: NPR article - the wealthiest people in America evading their taxes while jacking them up for everyone else, along with King Johns and Sheriffs of Nottingham worldwide

"I may be a slob, duh duh duh duh duh, but I do my job, duh-duh duh"

Man I love that movie.