How To Take Down QAnon and Fascism in the United States

For the record, I was a registered Republican until the party lost its mind. Now I am an Independent. I'm pretty conservative and right-leaning as far as actual policies go, so if you don't feel like reading this because I'm a "damn lib" you're fucking stupid, go fuck yourself. Chances are if you're reading this you are a part of the Resistance, or a decent human being. Good. Here's how we win this thing.


Stop enabling bullies and abusers. Literally everything antimaskers, Qunts, MAGAts, and antivaxxers are doing right now has the end result of utterly destroying our freedoms. There is absolutely nothing of "freedom" about what they're demanding and they're actively destroying more and more of our freedoms as the results of their actions. They're the ones killing democracy, supporting the destruction of our infrastructure, spreading a plague, promoting wage slavery by denying people minimum wage and worker's rights, shutting down the country and the economy, and canceling everyone who isn't exactly like them: minorities, Black people, Native American people, LGBTQ+ people, Jews, non-Christians, immigrants, children and youth, and the list just keeps growing. They quite simply confused true freedom, which comes with responsibilities and the equal application of justice to everyone, with "freedom = i can do whatever i want and there will be no consequences and the system will still support me." If that isn't Socialist I don't know what is.






You should know the belief that people get suckered into QAnon, cults, and other conspiracy theories due to stupidity or naivete is for the most part incorrect. You might think it's because people are a little slow in catching on to the truth. Unfortunately, that's not true. There wouldn't be that level of obsession and passion behind what they do if they didn't actually want to believe it. There is a darkness in human nature which is more prominent in some people than others, usually those who enjoy causing pain. You can't show them any forgiveness because if you give an inch, they'll take a mile, and right now that can't be tolerated. Permanently cut them out of your life for your health, sanity, and well-being. If you don't believe me, I'm sorry, because you might get backstabbed by them years down the line. They're showing their true colors right now especially because the observable effects of their pet conspiracies are actually people DYING.

Here is an email letter I sent to the owner of Penzey's Spices. He'd been getting emails flooding his inbox from Republicans spouting "SOCIALISM!" because he is rather pro-Biden.

Dear Mr. Penzey, I always vote that we cut all Socialist benefits to people who are against them. No cops, no military, no social security, no libraries, no public schooling, no minimum wage or worker's rights, no special privileges for being white, no roads, no on-grid running water, and absolutely zero social support. They can live in their prepper bunkers until the end of time, that is, if they survive. God speed to them. Guess they never realized that extreme capitalism without any socialism or regulation is pretty much the same as feudalism. I hope they enjoy being serfs. Sincerely, TT

On further reflection, it would also be Socialist to inherit anything. So if you are against Socialism, goodbye trust fund. It's fair. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.





A realistic portrait of who these morons love to support, source: NPR article - the wealthiest people in America evading their taxes while jacking them up for everyone else, along with King Johns and Sheriffs of Nottingham worldwide

"I may be a slob, duh duh duh duh duh, but I do my job, duh-duh duh"

Man I love that movie.