What happens when you don't learn about any other culture but your own? You're looking at it, man. Bigotry, xenophobia, and racism are the results of never traveling outside of your little bubble. And that is just sad. People miss out on so much when they don't break out of a small world. Have a taste of freedom. Travel in person if you can, and try new things whenever you can. Live a little. Better yet, live a lot. You only have something like 80 years on this planet. Why spend them all doing the same thing over and over? Even if you're a grizzled traveler already there's still no reason to limit yourself.

The old paradigm of so-called cosmopolitan experience was to take a privileged person, have them spend a lot of money at tourist traps and directed tours, learn five words in a native language and read a book about a place written by someone who didn't live there, and then to culturally appropriate everything they picked up from that. That isn't worth your time. Learn the language of where you're going. Devour everything you can about the culture. Speak to people who live there. Chill out, hang out, wander. Make small talk, perhaps you'll make friends. Do what the locals do. Learn the local religion, try the authentic local food esp. if it's street food. You'll never be the same. In fact, if your world isn't permanently changed in every way then you can't really say you've traveled.

Consider joining the Peace Corps. They'll pay your way for travel and living expenses to another country, you'll get work experience, and you can be an ambassador for the country.

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Keep in mind I'm just one person. I assembled these music artists and other experiences after a lot of time trying stuff but that doesn't mean my picks are any better or worse than anyone else's. And obviously this is a really small sampling.

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