This website is not affiliated with the MacGyver TV series. It is, however, inspired by it. Want to spend less money, be more eco-friendly, and become more self-sufficient? You're in the right place. I'm your host, TortillaTortilla. I am not good at communication or web design but I hope the site is useful to you anyway. Essentially this is my attempt to reduce the need for gobs of money. It doesn't make sense that the harder you work, the less you earn. Gen Z and younger folks, I'm mostly doing this for you guys. You deserve better.

How to use this website: If you want the most impact for the least effort, click the link for "Helpful Books" and go read or buy them. Over the years those books will repay the initial investment by a lot. Also click the link for lifehacks. It took me 5+ years to amass this information so be prepared cause there's a library's worth of stuff crammed in here.

Updates are added to this website at least once a month.

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Big Brain Time A helpful resource for homeschool, CLEPing out of expensive college courses, and continuing education as an adult - currently under construction

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Beginner's Guide to Eating More Vegan Food

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Four Tiers of Eco Friendly Commitment, Part 1 How to become more eco friendly as painlessly as possible

Better World Blog Up-to-date blog posts about living a more self-sufficient life

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