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Some people are interested in spending less money, being more eco-friendly, and becoming more self-sufficient. I hope to fill up this page with resources to help. Please check back often as I update this website regularly.

How to use this website: If you want the most impact for the least effort, click the link for "Helpful Books" and go read or buy them. Over the years those books will repay the initial investment by a lot. Also click the link directly below for lifehacks. This website might look simple, but a lot of information is packed into it. In fact you could spend days clicking through the links, and the websites they lead to. Use this website as a springboard for your own exploration.

Last updated February 15, 2020

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Simple yet effective lifehacks/experience I've picked up over the years

Free and useful computer software

Useful websites

Recycling Insanity

DIY All Kinds of Stuff


Nondenominational Spirituality

Useful Travel/Camping Gear and Info

Stress Relief

Helpful Links

Helpful Books

Herbal Medicine

Video tutorials:

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